• "Jenda-Shan"


    (Active) Ice sorceress of mysterious origin and motives.
  • "Randy"


    (RETIRED) Dressed in the chainmail and tabard of a priest, Randy is a well spoken and mannered human. Do not Trust. NEVER trust.
  • Balthazar of Cordor

    Balthazar of Cordor

    Balthazar is a towering Dragonborn with peculiarly colored scales, being albino. Most notable among his posessions are his maul, Fissure, and his bastard sword, Twohands.
  • Brandis Jaqsworn

    Brandis Jaqsworn

    (ELSEWHERE) A human with clad in a chain shirt with a deep green cloak he wears draped around the shoulders. His swords are always at hand.
  • Elric Grimm

    Elric Grimm

    Elric is an elf with golden hair, dressed for the forest. His bow is his most prized posession, a weapon of extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship.
  • Marik the Marauder

    Marik the Marauder

    Transformed into a Tiefling with spiraling horns and rust colored skin, Marik's clothes have changed little - he still dresses in all blacks, with a light cape and hood to help in keeping out of sight.
  • Mord


    (RETIRED) A withdrawn half-orc, Mord wears thick, warm hide armor and a string of bone charms around his neck.
  • Protus Koyle

    Protus Koyle

    Usually dresses in a well adorned red coat, along with his goggles and longsword. He is rarely far from Martha, his guitar.
  • Raeda


    Raeda is a Brown-haired human woman in resplendant adamantine armor, with a spellbook comfortably slung on a shoulder strap.
  • Norman


    A brown horse with a white star and socks. He answers to Brandis and is a grade-A badass.