Elric Grimm

Elric is an elf with golden hair, dressed for the forest. His bow is his most prized posession, a weapon of extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship.




Elric is a young, tall elf with short, golden hair. He is thinly built but muscular, possessing enough strength to correctly wield a longbow, his weapon of choice. His hair is shortly cut for an elf and he, unlike most other elves, has unlocked the secret to growing limited facial hair (apparently it has to do with the feywild, but he hasn’t revealed it to the rest of the party). He is dressed in deep browns and greens for stealth in the forest and wears golden bracers on his forearms. His eyes are a bright green.

Party Relationships

Balthazar: Elric trusts Balthazar arguably more than any other party member. Despite his disapproval of many of Elric’s actions, Elric respects Balthazar for his commitment to his moral code and his difficult background. While Balthazar and Elric are often at odds on moral issues, Elric finds Balthazar to be much more logical and understanding than Raeda or Jenda-Shan.

Brandis: despite what many believe to be the largest rivalry in the Rogue Element, Elric actually has quite a good relationship with Brandis. While Elric focuses on powerful, aimed shots, Brandis uses multiple, less accurate shots, making there not as much competition for a niche. Elric also respects Brandis’ tactical leadership.

Jenda-Shan: while Elric doesn’t know Jenda-Shan very well, he respects her for her free-spiritedness and independence from the rest of the group. Elric does find her to be somewhat of a buzzkill, however.

Marik: Marik is Elric’s best friend in the party. Through the many cons, adventures and illegal games, Elric and Marik have established themselves to be the primary source of the party’s income.

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Elric Grimm

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