(RETIRED) A withdrawn half-orc, Mord wears thick, warm hide armor and a string of bone charms around his neck.


Mord’s past is perhaps the least mysterious of the party. He was born in the local Orc tribe but escaped to the nearby town. Looked down on by orcs for his human mother and distrusts by humans for his Orc father, he was split between worlds, resulting in his learning rogue skills in his youth. A Goliath warden, koron, took him under his tutelage, but after a particularly fierce Orc raid he was forced out of town. His wanderings eventually resulted in his meeting the other founding members of the Rogue Element. Through the course of their adventures, he learned that his father had sold out the Orc tribe to the Legion and that, since his father had died by their hands, they were hunting him for vengeance. However, despite their brutality, orc’s have some traditions that they dare not break, and when their chieftain died without an heir, Mord’s father would have been next in line. The orcs found Mord as they were leaving Doloran’s Folly, requesting in no uncertain terms for him to return to the tribe to lead them. Having grown up being taught that orc’s were evil barbarians, Mord would have refused except for one thing: he had recently met the Thorn. While a captive, he came to realize that evil was not an absolute, and that even so called “monsters” could be civilized in their own ways. He agreed, and left the Rogue Element, promising that he would see them again someday.

For the most part, Mord is a silent figure in the background of the Rogue Element. He rarely speaks and even more rarely disagrees with anyone. With one exception, he follows Protus’s lead on who to trust and not trust. Raeda is the only exception to this. Due to the events preceding her joining the group, Mord believed she was a spy and was actively hostile towards her until the adventure in the Warlock King’s Tomb. During a particularly difficult battle when the party was split, he went down and Raeda, in the middle of combat, force-fed him a healing potion to get him back on his feet. After the battle, Mord apologized for distrusting her and the two got along well after that.


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